916 Gold bangles (set of four)


A new style of jewelry, 22 carat bangles are the perfect symbol of luxury and elegance. Made with a solid 22 carat gold and stamped with BIS hallmark, these bangles are perfect for the modern woman who wants to stand out.

BIS Hallmark is a certification for gold jewelry. The company provides the service to both the manufacturers and the retailers. The certification is given to those who comply with their quality standards.

The BIS Hallmark is a stamp of quality that can be put on any gold jewelry item that complies with the company’s quality standards. It ensures that customers are getting what they pay for and protects them from frauds. BIS Hallmark is a certification that certifies the purity of gold and silver jewelry. It was established by the Bureau of Indian Standards in 1973. This certification ensures that the metal used for making jewelry is not mixed with any other metal or alloy to make it look more valuable than it actually is. BIS Hallmark also specifies how much gold can be used as an alloy for silver jewelry and vice versa.

Warranty: 7 Days

This is a gold bangle with BIS Hallmark, which is the trusted authority for testing and rating gold jewels. It is 22 carat gold with a purity percentage of 91.60%. This product is priced at INR 361000 because it is an imported product and has a higher price.

Weight Gold Design Pieces
54.650 22Carat Casting 4 pis.

Additional information

Weight 54.650 g


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